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My stubby little fingers are even stubbier now that I've typed out all these lyrics for you all, I hope you appreciate it. Please note that I've only included the lyrics for songs that I've written, or in some cases co-written with John Munro. All other lyrics for songs that I've recorded which were written by other song writers are not included. This isn't due to any arrogance on my part, it's just that in many cases I do not know the copyright holder(s) of the song in question, and even if I did, permission would have to be sought in order to re-print the lyrics, and to be honest I have better ways to waste my time, and do not wish to put myself up as a target for future lawsuits. I've been burned before.....ditto the few traditional songs I've recorded on my CDs.

I've also not included the lyrics to a few of my earlier attempts at song writing, especially for some of the songs that appeared on the 3 German Autogram L.P.'s. This is because I've been trying to forget the fact that I ever wrote these songs in the first place, and this is just part of that ongoing process of selective amnesia. If anyone is desperate for the lyrics to any of these songs, something could be worked out providing a suitable financial arrangement can be arrived at.

Also, the more observant amongst you might notice that there are probably a few words different here and there from my original recorded version. This is called the folk process. Please don't e-mail me and ask me why I changed them. In many cases, in the recording studio, the words in my head often didn't come out of my mouth, and I was too lazy, too pushed for time, or too broke to go back and insert the proper words, probably all three. In any case, most fitted well enough, and some were actually an improvement on the original lyrics. If you do however notice any especially glaring spelling errors, let me know.

Click on a song title to view the lyrics.

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Updated: Tuesday, September 27, 2016 9:46 AM

A Good Man
A Change in the Weather
A Reason for It All
Across The Hills of Home
All the Fine Young Men
Always Back To You
An Old Song
And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda
As if He Knows
At Risk
Aussie Bar-B-Q

An Australian Prayer

Beam Me Up, Scotty
Belle of Broughton
Big In A Small Way
Birds of A Feather
Blues for Alex

Bringing Buddy Home

Campbell's Daughter
Care for the Land
Cradle to the Grave
Cuddy River Reverie

Canadian Christmas Song

Daniel Smiling
Dedication Day
Diggers Legacy
Do You Sing Any Bob Dylan?
Don't You Worry About That

Ekka's Silver Jubilee Song
Elizabeth's Song
Elvis 'n' Me
Endangered Species
Eric and The Informers

Feed the Children
Fences and Walls
Flat Stony Broke Waltz

Front Row Cowboy

Flying Away

Glasgow Lullaby
Global Economy
Going Back To Dublin
Goodbye Gemini
Goodbye Lucky Country
Great Aussie Take-Away

Hallowed Ground
Hard Hard Times
Harry's Wife
Here in the Green
He's Nobody's Moggy Now

I hate Wogs
If Wishes Were Fishes
It's Not Cricket

Jimmy Dancer
Jingle Jangle
Just Here for the Money
Just Not Coping

Katie and the Dreamtime Land
Keeper of the Flame

Lady from Bendigo
Lancelot and Guinevere
Leavin' in the Morning
Leaving Nancy
Leaving the Land
Little Gomez
Love Song of a Simple Man

Lost Soul

Marking Time
Mary and Me
My Youngest Son Came Home Today

Murray River Requiem (Someone Else's Problem)

Never Again/It's Happening Again
No Gods at All
No Man's Land
No Resurrection
No Use for Him
Now I'm Easy

Nothing Worth Saving

Old Friends
One Morning in Bar Harbor
One Small Life
One Small Star
Other People's Children
Our National Pride

Peace Has Broken Out
Plastic Paddy
Poachers Moon
Poor Bugger Charlie


River of Time
Romeo and Juliet in Sarajevo

Safe in the Harbour
Santa Bloody Claus
Santa Bloody Claus (European version)
Sayonara Australia
Scraps of Paper
She'll Be Right
Shining River
Short White Blues
Silly Slang Song
Since Nancy Died
Singing the Spirit Home
Small Miracles
Soaring Free
Soldier Soldier
Somebody's Daughter
Something of Value
Somewhere In America
Standing in the Light

Tambourine Mountain
The Ballad of Henry Holloway
The Big Mansion Hoose on the Hill
The Blessing
The Colour of Dreams
The Dalai Lama's Candle
The Demon
The Digger's Legacy
The End of an Auld Song
The Enigma
The Gift of Years
The Golden City
The Heart of the Land

The Koala Kafe
The Last Of The Old Timers
The Last Rodeo
The Legend of Kelly
The Lily and The Poppy
The Promise
The Red Heart
The Road to El Dorado
The Sign
The Song
The Song of the Whale
The Strangers
The Sound Of Singing
The Waltzing Matilda Waltz
The War Correspondent
Them Old Songwritin' Blues
Thou Shalt Not
To an Athlete Dying Young
Troy's Song
True Believers
Turning Circles
Twenty Years Ago
Two Strong Arms

The Dreamer
The Last Note

Unsung Hero


Wee China Pig
Welcome Home
What Kind of Man
When the Wind Blows
Wishing Is Free
World Cup Fever
Wouldn't Be Dead For Quids

You've Got Nothing I Need


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