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Page updated: September 27, 2016

CDs, DVD, Compilations, Song Books
I've divided this section into two sub-headings -Original CDs and Compilation CDs. The original section is of course all my original studio recordings, and the compilation section contains those compilations subsequently made mainly out of those original recordings, in a mostly vain attempt to generate more income. Because I have recorded for most of my musical career with small independent labels, a lot of my recordings, especially the older ones, are long out of manufacture, and are pretty difficult to track down. At the end of this section we list a number of links in which, if you are lucky, you may find the title you are looking for. Where the CDs are generally still available, I have shown the major suppliers that I know of. I have not shown the year the CD was released, who cares? However, mainly to satisfy those with a chronological fetish, I have listed the CDs more or less in the order I recorded them, the latest recording being top of the list naturally, the one before that second, and so on....... For those of you desperate to get a song that's on one of the CDs that has long been deleted, don't despair, you may find it in one of the later compilation CDs. Failing that, probably your only remaining option is to steal one from someone who has one.

The lyrics for the songs can be found in the "Lyrics" section of this site.

The Eric Bogle Songbook

Available from
Harrison Music Adelaide

Published by Happy As Larry

Click here to watch a YouTube of the Adelaide launch

It's not so much a songbook as a lyrics book with guitar chords, no musical notation, which means you'll have to know the songs to attempt to play them on your guitar. In the past my songbooks have shown full musical notation, but most amateur musicians I know can't read music, ( and a lot of professional ones as well!), so this is book for the three-chord guitar thumpers like me, and not those clever clogs who can read music as easily as the rest of us can read a threatening letter from our bank manager.

For those who yearn for a bit of musical notation however, I came across a bloke in Canada during my recent tour who has a hundred or so of one of my old songbooks, a bit of an antique this one, very collectable. Contains about 20 of my earlier songs, including the "biggies", "No Man's Land" " Matlida" etc., If you are interested, drop him an e-mail for details, prices etc. - dafoster@shaw.ca


The Emigrant and The Exile
John Campbell Munro
Eric Bogle is a songwriter whose songs have been recorded by such as Joan Baez, The Pogues, The Fureys, June Tabor and many others. He is best known for songs such as, “And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda”, “The Green Fields of France”, “Now I’m Easy”, “Leaving Nancy” and hundreds of others which have touched the hearts or tickled the funny bones of many.
He was born in Peebles Scotland in 1944 and migrated to Australia in 1969. His songs have earned him the Order of Australia and the UN Peace Medal amongst many other accolades. Eric and I (as his accompanist) have travelled the world many times since joining forces in 1980 and Eric’s music is appreciated across North America, Europe and Australasia. Now it’s time to stop and reflect on the journey
John Campbell Munro
July 2010

Available through:www.rosedogbookstore.com
& Amazon.com

(Click here for direct link)


At last! Eric's long awaited DVD is now available.

Eric Bogle Live at Stonyfell Winery

Available through: Greentrax Recordings, Scotland

2 Hours live concert

Click here to view sample clip
(Quicktime required to view)



Available through:
Australia & New Zealand - Undercover Music, Australia

Everywhere else: Greentrax Recordings, Scotland

A Toss Of The Coin

Available through:
Australia & New Zealand - Undercover Music, Australia

Everywhere else: Greentrax Recordings, Scotland

This latest release is a tribute to Eric's songs by many well respected artists.

Money raised from the sale of this CD will go to the Troubadour Foundation.

Click here for track and artist listing information

Available from Trad and Now (link)

The Dreamer

Available through: Greentrax Recordings, Scotland

Other People's Children

Available through: Australia & New Zealand - Undercover Music, Australia
Everywhere else: Greentrax Recordings, Scotland

The Colour of Dreams

Available through: Australia & New Zealand - Undercover Music, Australia
Everywhere else- Greentrax Recordings, Scotland

Endangered Species

Available through: Greentrax Recordings, Scotland
Small Miracles

Available through: Greentrax Recordings, Scotland (about 100 left)

Available through: - Start surfing!!
The Emigrant & the Exile

Available through: Greentrax Recordings, Scotland
Voices in the Wilderness

Available through: Start surfing!!
Hard Hard Times

This is a CD John and I recorded in Germany in 1984 for the Folk Freak label, and I've no idea if it's still available. If it is, they owe me about 15 years worth of royalties

Available through: Start surfing!!
When the Wind Blows

Available through:
Start surfing!!
Something of Value

Available through:
Start surfing!!

Singing The Spirit Home

Available through: Start surfing!!

Scraps of Paper

Available through: Start surfing!!
Plain & Simple

Available through: Greentrax Recordings, Scotland
(amazingly enough! about 150 left)
Now I'm Easy

My very first recording, and therefore an important cultural and historical item.
Needless to say, not available anywhere, although The British Museum may have a copy
At This Stage
In 1984, John Munro, Brent Miller and I released a "live" double LP of a concert we did at the Octagon Theatre, Perth, and W.A. Over the intervening years we have received a lot of enquiries if this double set was available on CD. Well, now it is, plus 9 other "live" tracks recorded in various places around the world since then.

Available through: Undercover Music, Australia, and the rest of the world through Greentrax Recordings, Scotland.
The Gift of Years

Available though: Start surfing!
By Request

This is the Rest of The World version of "The Gift of Years"

Available through:
Greentrax Recordings, Scotland
Singing the Spirit Home

This is a 60 song, 5 CD Box set, the definitive Bogle Collection. All songs chosen and personally guaranteed by Eric.

Available through:
Greentrax Recordings, Scotland

Eric Bogle Songbook 1

Eric Bogle Songbook 2

Available through: Start surfing!!
(Although I wouldn't personally waste the electrons, or whatever.... )

Just The Funny Stuff

Available though: Start surfing!
I wrote This Wee Song

This was a double "live" CD I originally recorded for The Australian Broadcasting Corporation of Australia. Only noteworthy thing I remember about it was that I appeared on stage with the most number of musicians ever (six!)

Available through: Greentrax Recordings, Scotland (God Bless 'em!)

Eric Bogle - Live in Person (L.P.)
Eric Bogle - Down Under (L.P.)
Eric Bogle - Pure (L.P.)

These were 3 LP's that were recorded during my first tour of Germany in 1976
Only the first one on the list was authorised, the other two are bootleg. Some of the songs were recorded "live", the rest are obviously quite dead. If you ever come across a copy of any of these L.P.s, melt it down and fashion an ashtray out of it.
To summarise then, while my newer stuff is reasonably easy to find, the older stuff will take a bit of cyber-sleuthing. Ever helpful to my loyal fans, I list below some web-sites where you may be able to find some of them.
United Kingdom




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