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Page Updated: March 22nd 2017

Hi Folks

It’s me again (eventually!) It’s been a long time between drinks as they say, not that many of you out there would be particularly thirsting to hear the latest enthralling blog from Bogleworld – The Happiest Kingdom Of Them All

However, for the few rusted-on followers who still occasionally log on to this web site, I must inform you that in fact this blog will be a case of  “Time Gentlemen Please” at the Last Chance Saloon. Yes, I’m closing this web site down, although I realise that this closure may well upset a few of you, and may even lead to some of you seeking pyschiatric help in order to cope with the massive  withdrawal symptoms that this closure will undoubtedly cause in your lives.

Why, Eric, why?? I can hear the clamorous crescendo of your disappointed voices saying…well, there’s a few reasons, none of them all that convincing really, but I owe it to you loyal Bogeliers out there to explain my motives, some of which you may find difficult to understand, God knows I do…

Firstly, the closure of this site will help facilitate my ambition, as I get older and therefore more invisible to the world at large, to one day disappear completely.
This is the first step in that process

Secondly, I’ll save a wee bit of money. Not that this is important really, especially to a Scotsman, but given the parlous state of my pension fund, every little helps.

Thirdly, it will lessen the guilt feelings I have every time I think of my non-contributions to this site, and save me from waking up at night screaming “ The Blog! The Blog!”  as I have recently been doing.

Fourthly, I have been told by younger, hipper folks than I ( i.e. most of the rest of humanity) that web sites are a bit passé?, a bit old fashioned, and that everybody now communicates via Facebook and Twitter. As I have absolutely no intention of joining either of those social media outlets, am I then consigned to languish forever in a social media vacuum? I should be so lucky………if anyone remains unaccountably desperate to still get the occasional snippet from Bogleworld (The Happiest etc. etc.), Pete Titchener will no doubt be posting said snippets on his Facebook page. (link)

Fifthly and finally, as many of you know, I have been winding down my musical appearances over the past few years. Believe it or not this winding down has been dictated by personal choice and not, as some unkind people infer (why are people so unkind?), by the fact that offers of employment have stopped rolling in.
Whatever, I’m not now working as much as I used to, which negates a lot of the reason for this web-site. Always teetering on being on the brink of being a bit boring, this lack of future content will probably tip the balance from “a bit” to “totally”………time to bow out gracefully then.

How can I even begin to express the depth of my gratitude and appreciation to those of you out there who have consistently supported me over the years, have come to my concerts, bought my CD’s, gifted me the occasional bottle of whisky, ploughed grimly through my blogs, etc. etc. Any words of appreciation that I could come up with would be totally inadequate, so I’ll just thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I really hope that you have gained some measure of reward and pleasure from the journey we have undertaken together over the past 40 years or so, I know for me at least it has been the journey of a lifetime made even more memorable and worthwhile by sharing it with you all. To unashamedly quote a line from one of my songs:

“ For joys are heightened
  And sorrows lightened
  When they’re shared”

I was in Europe last year as some of you know. In August, John, Pete and I did two concerts at the Queens Hall in Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival. Two sold-out concerts, two standing ovations. Then on to Dublin and Belfast. Again two sold out concerts, two standing ovations. In February this year we did three concerts at The Trinity Sessions for the Adelaide Fringe Festival. Three sold-out  concerts, 2½ standing ovations. As someone once said, “Always quit while you’re ahead”…………….

Thanks Mates




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