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The Bogleband


Where would I be without the many fine musicians who have travelled the roads and shared the concert stages with me over the past 25 years or so? Well, I'd probably be in Beverley Hills, because I'd certainly be a lot richer! In economic terms perhaps, but a lot poorer in sheer human and musical terms. The musicians who have accompanied me over the years, have helped keep me laughing, helped keep me going, helped keep me writing, helped keep me sane, helped keep me….well, you get the idea. To all of them, my heartfelt if wholly inadequate thanks.

Here are a few of those musicians I've worked with over the years. (and in some cases, miraculously, still am!) Naturally, the ones who sued me for non-payment of concert fees, or turned nasty and resigned in high dudgeon because all the girls wanted ME!! are not included in this list

John Munro

John Munro was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1947 and escaped to Australia at the age of 18. Having had a flirtation with Folk Music in his home country John soon headed for the local folk haunts. He admits to being a founder member of Country Express (born 1969) and Colcannon (born 1988) and, more through luck than talent, has worked since 1980 as accompanist to Eric Bogle.

In the former capacity John has been a regular on Reg Lindsay's Country and Western Hour (although regular self abuse since then means you would never recognise him) and at Folk Festivals from Victor Harbor to Port Fairy to Maleny to the National to Nannup in WA.

In his latter work (with Eric Bogle) he has toured Canada, the USA and the UK four times, Europe three times and side trips to Bermuda and New Zealand. This has resulted in an in depth knowledge of the Geography questions in Trivial Pursuit and a vast collection of street directories.

John's recording credits include 8 albums with Eric, four with Country Express, nine with Colcannon, three with Gordon Mcintyre and Kate Delaney, two with Mike Quarmby and one with Margaret Christl (Canada), Mary-Jane Field (Sydney), Irene Petrie, Denis and Lynne Tracey, as well as countless guest appearances. His experience extends to production as well as performing.

John has won two Celtic Music Club Awards for Guitar and one for Mandolin, two Folk Federation awards and two SAMIA (South Australian Music Industry) awards with Colcannon - the latter being for "Most Outstanding Contribution to Folk Music". He has also won the SCALA-run Songwriters Event (songwriter award) in 1990 and 1996.


Pete Titchener

Joining the ever-increasing list of Bogleband musicians is Englishman Pete Titchener.
Probably better known as guitarist and singer with John Munro’s band Colcannon, Pete was asked if he would play Bass in 2010 for a Bogle tour around the Eastern states of Australia. Having accepted and completed this challenge with a degree of competency and occasional musicality I allowed him to join me on stage again.

In fact, since John Munro relocated to the sunnier climes of Queensland Pete frequently accompanies me on guitar.

Pete has played on several of my recordings, Other People’s Children and The Dreamer, as well as my one and only DVD ‘Live at Stoneyfell Winery’.
He also recorded 'A Toss Of The Coin' and 'Voices' CD at his home studio.

Pete’s other talents include juggling, carpentry, avoiding exercise and looking after this website.



Emma Woolcock (formerly Luker)

Emma Woolcock is by far the youngest and most modest of all musicians I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Her ability to ‘feel’ the moment and play with musical sensitivity sets her apart from many others in her field.

Emma started learning fiddle when she was just 4 years old and without giving away her age, she’s got 24 years experience under her belt.
A one-time member of John’s band Colcannon (a training ground for the Bogleband), Emma has toured, and left her mark on, the UK, NZ, Canada and Australia.

Emma played on Other Peoples Children and The Dreamer, Toss of The Coin, Voices and added more than just her fiddle playing to the Live at Stoneyfell Winery DVD.
Currently she has her own band, The Fiddle Chicks, and can be seen at festivals around Australia playing with them and everyone else!


Dave O'Neill

David O'Neill is a multi-talented musician. He plays fiddle, mandolin, guitar, and sings. Dave has appeared on three of Eric's recent CDs, and has toured overseas with Eric twice in North America and once in Europe, as well as all around Australia.
A lover of fine coffees, rare malt whiskies, and good times generally, Dave has no regrets about not following his mother's wishes to take up holy orders, he reckons being a choirboy in his youth was close enough. He is currently working as The Music Programmer for the National Festival in Canberra, and so has little spare time for gigging at the moment, but will no doubt be dazzling audiences again sometime in the future with his musical virtuosity, you can't keep a good choirboy down.......,

Jon Jones

Jon Jones gave up a career in communications to realize his dream of becoming a full time musician. Hailing from Queensland, Australia, he's the newest member of Eric Bogle's band. The 1998 U.S. and Canadian tour marked his debut with them. Eric has called him "A gentle introduction to the art of drumming." In 2000 he became a father for the first time. Congratulations to Jon, and his new family.
John has provided the percussion on Eric's last 3 CDs. He's a modest sort of bloke is John, it was only after he'd worked with Eric for a couple of years that Eric found out he had twice been the Australian National Pipe Band Snare Drumming Champion. "I didn't think it was relevant or important" he said when asked why this particular light had been hidden under a bushel.

Ian Blake

Ian Blake is a another multi instrumentalist, in fact even more multi than Dave O'Neill. He plays saxophone, clarinet, synthesiser, bass guitar, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, trombone, etc. etc. etc., He also sings, although he himself would admit that that is a fairly loose description of the sound that emits from his throat. He as appeared in quite a few of Eric's CDs, and produced and engineered two of Eric's latest CDs "Small Miracles" and "Endangered Species" in his recording studio in Canberra, Blue Bear Studios. Oh, didn't I mention he was a recording engineer as well? An ex member of the well known English Folk group Pyewackett, Ian is much in demand as a musician , producer and recording engineer. He has recorded a couple of CDs of his own compositions, and tours Europe regularly with Andrew Cronshaw, a well known English traditional musician.

Brent Miller

Brent Miller is originally from Adelaide, South Australia. He's a man of many talents. A Doctor of Podiatry, wine expert, gourmet, as well as an harmony singer, bass and acoustic guitar player in Eric's band. When Brent's not working with Eric, he's involved with several other music groups as well. Until recently, he was the only native born Australian in Eric's band,which is strange really, as, in speech at least, he sounds for all the world like a middle class pommy twit. Mind you, that's only when he's sober or trying to chat a woman up.

Andy McGloin

A musically tasteful and restrained electric guitar player is even more rare than a musically tasteful and restrained drummer. Meet Andy McGloin folks, who was that rare electric guitar player. For about 5 years Andy brought an electric dimension to the sound of the Eric Bogle group. That he could not bring that selfsame electric dimension to Eric's singing was no fault of his. After 5 years of restraint however, he reverted to type and left Eric to join a rock group where he could be as tasteless as he liked and where he could play LOUD!!









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